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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thomas Die Hard Fan!

Chomem with his swim suit

I bought a new Swim Suit from a friend. When I first show it to Chomem, he just 'bo layan je'. It surprise me cos actually he is a 'Thomas die hard fan'. A few days later, I show it again and he wants to wear it. Its kinda hot at that night, and he REFUSE to change his clothes. Panasla sayang...he even wears the cap....His body sweats a lot (you knowla, swim suit kan tak serap peluh)....Nyesal mama tunjuk swim suit memalam ni...He even wants to go to bed with the swim suit, and yes, complete with the cap. It turns out that he cannot sleep at that night because of the heat...even mama n papa also can not sleep, melayan budak kepanasan yang tak nak tukar baju...At 2.00 am then baru nk tukar pyjamas...Haiyaa...

Strawberry Cheese Cake

Steam Cheese Cake with Strawberry Topping. I made this  last year. Its very easy to make actually. This is the recipe, copy paste from Queen Aneez. After steam it, I just pour the Strawberry topping

Brownies kukus keju (kek keju kukus) by

Bahan-bahan ( 1 loyang sederhana )
bahan A:-
3 biji telur
100gm gula
1 sudu makan ovalette
bahan B:-
60gm tepung gandum
20gm tepung jagung
1 sudu teh garam
40gm susu tepung
bahan C:-
250gm cream cheese
50gm butter


pukul A hingga kembang. masukkan B. gaul rata n sebati.
pukul C berasingan hingga halus n lembut, masukkan kedalam campuran A n B tadi.
masukkan kedalam loyang beralas n kukus selama 20 min.
sejukkan n potong...

Info : Make sure masa kukus, bungkus penutup periuk tu ngan kain otherwise wap jatuh kat kek..nanti jadi buruk or mengembang dengan mekarnye…huhuhuhuh…letak kek tu masa steamer tu betul2 panas..
p/s aku rasa tekstur kek lagi lembut kalu compare ngan bakarnye….lg satu aku mmg fail bile buat cheese cake yg kena bakar…sbbnye kena buat cara ‘bain marie’ (versi double boil dlm oven)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Johor Premium Outlet

JPO -image by Google
We went to Johor Premium Outlet on 15th April 2012. For a first timer, its quite hard for us to reach there because we dont find any proper exit from the highway. We try to use Garmin, but it does'nt give any much help at all. Maybe the road is still new so Garmin didn't recognize it.
We arrive about 12.30 pm. Its a very hot day. Chomem saw a cute trolley (like a buggy car) and wanted the ride it. It turns out that we have pay a deposit for RM100 (if i'm not mistaken). Mak aiii! Mahalnya. Chomem, lain kali je la ya.

Then I went to Coach. This is the 1st time I have a look at the Coach bags, eventhough so many women talk about it. The salesman there was ok, they still entertain me eventhough I just wear an RM25 handbag (Made in Rantau Panjang, hahahhaha)...Ok la kan, kekadang tempat mahal macam ni tak nak layan org pakai biasa2 ni (walaupun dorang tak tau berapa duit yg dibawa, berkepuk you! hehehehe) Don't judge a book by its cover.  I dont buy ANY of them....Ntahla...rasa macam tak berkenan ....

My Heart


 Silau betul depan ni. (in kelantanese: becar sungguh depe ni)

This is my son, Ahmad Nurakmal, was born on 21st March 2009. Such an active kid. Like to speak in his own words, dance and sing, watching pingu, jalan-jalan... I bet all the kids at his age do the same thing right? He don't like to sleep early at night (kekadang 2.00 - 3.00 pg baru tido maaa). Sometimes we like to call him Chomem because he likes to say "Chomem" instead of Comel when he meet a cute little baby or cute cartoons.

Roti Oh Roti!

This is the bread that i hv made last night. I used a loaf pan to bake it. Its quite simple to do it because I use a Breadmaker (BM) to do the kneading task. Chomem help me to put all the ingredients into the BM pan. The kitchen quite messy with the flour here and there.
To bake it, I just use a low temperature (about 140 C) because its already 12.30am and I just prepare that the oven Ting! (baking ends) when I was asleep. I wake up at 5.00 am, and Alhamdulillah the bread turns quite ok, just the colour is quite 'tanned' at the top because the bread 'naik sampai dekat dgn top heater'. The texture is so soft, quite sweet because I use 8 tablespoon of sugar for 380g flour. Quite a lot actually, the recipe says 80g only but I was lazy to weight it.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

This is me when i was 7 months. During that time, my parents carried me using the stroller. We love to go shopping at Jusco Equine Park, which is about 40 minutes from our house.