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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thomas Die Hard Fan!

Chomem with his swim suit

I bought a new Swim Suit from a friend. When I first show it to Chomem, he just 'bo layan je'. It surprise me cos actually he is a 'Thomas die hard fan'. A few days later, I show it again and he wants to wear it. Its kinda hot at that night, and he REFUSE to change his clothes. Panasla sayang...he even wears the cap....His body sweats a lot (you knowla, swim suit kan tak serap peluh)....Nyesal mama tunjuk swim suit memalam ni...He even wants to go to bed with the swim suit, and yes, complete with the cap. It turns out that he cannot sleep at that night because of the heat...even mama n papa also can not sleep, melayan budak kepanasan yang tak nak tukar baju...At 2.00 am then baru nk tukar pyjamas...Haiyaa...

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